Monday, May 7, 2012

A little finish and an update

Hi everyone.  I know it has been a couple of weeks since I updated this blog, so much has been happening and we have been a home of sickness and bugs so my stitching has really suffered over the last 2 weeks.  I do have some progress to update you on though.
Here is the latest on Ladybird Fairy.  I have finished the top 2 pages now and have just started the bottom.  The top part looks a little weird with no backstitching and I have not done the kreinik or beading either in case my hoop damages it.  All that aside I think she is looking lovely and I am excited to see her progress.

Mothers day is coming up this weekend.  I know at least one of my stitchy friends has lost their mother in the last year and my thoughts and hugs are with you.  This will be my third mothers day and my darling hubby has taken 2 days off at the end of this week to give him a four day weekend and he is taking us to our beach house for a long weekend together.  I have wonderful visions of sleeping in, stitching, walking on the beach (fingers crossed for nice weather) and getting spoilt....hehehe.  I have managed to get something done for the mothers in my life, my mother and my mother in law.  I made a card for each of them, I loved this design so I stitched it twice, one each.

So before I go I thought I would share my little spot of heaven with you, my stitchy corner.  I sit in hubbys armchair with my feet up and use Jacobs little sofa beside me to put my stuff on.  My light behind me was from hubby and I love it.

And this is what a typical stitchy session looks like for me

Strangely the only time she sits on my lap is when I am stitching.

I hope everyone has a lovely week and gets some stitching done.  I shall now head off and stalk your progress :)