Saturday, February 19, 2011

the end of a stressful week!

Well I am so glad this week is nearly over. I have had a sick little man this week who nearly ended up in hospital. Sometimes being a mummy can really take it out of you!!!! Everyone here seems to be having a sleep in this morning though, it is 8.30am and I am the only one up so far......sleep child sleep!!!!!

What a stunning day! We have a Japanese student staying with us, he is here for 12 days and goes home this wednesday. We are going to go swimming this afternoon, such perfect weather for it. I might even take my stitching and relax doing some while the boys play in the water.

I made hubby a cross stitch for valentines day, have included a photo. It is a tatty teddies one, a quick one to stitch but the backstitch was a headache cause it is all over the place! I am close to finishing our wedding sampler as well, not bad after 7 years of marriage! Next on the list to start is a birth sampler for my brother and his girlfriend who are due in a couple of months. Just waiting for the pattern to arrive in the mail. Hope everyones stitching is going well.

Friday, February 11, 2011

changing my tune

Ok so I have changed the name of this blog as I have a feeling that it is going to end up being a blog about my stitching as well as my family :) I have been working on a wedding sampler for hubby and I, it has only taken 7 years to get it done!!! I will take photos in the weekend and put them on here

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

new year, fresh start

Ok so I set this blog up months ago and then forgot about it! I just remembered about it today when I was checking out another one!!

I hope you all had a lovely christmas and new years. Ours was quiet, Christmas here in Hamilton at dads with all the family. Jacob had just turned one 2 months earlier and enjoyed it so much more this year, it was lovely to see him getting so excited about it all. New years was spent lying in bed watching TV, I am such a nanna these days!!!! Jeff worked through New Years and then we went over to our family bach at Whangamata for a week in mid January. Had a lovely week together with stunning weather and a fabulous time with my 2 boys.

The highlight of our week away was Jacob taking his first steps, he is away walking now and loves how independant he is.

I have officially resigned from work as of last week due to my maternity leave finishing. I am now officially a stay at home mum and love it to pieces. Jacob and I go to playcentre 2 mornings a week which he loves, and it gives me the chance to get out and about with other mums. I also go to the gym a few times a week and Jacob goes to the creche there which he loves as well, he is such a social little man!!! Jeff is still at Bunnings, is coming up 7 years there now and still enjoys his job.

I have picked up my cross stitching again in the last year since Jacob joined our family and have really enjoyed it. I have attached a photo of the birth sampler I did for him last year, I love Winnie the Pooh. I also recently completed teddies on the line as well so thought I would include that one as well

I promise to be more diligent with this!!!