Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I think I have a problem!!!

OK, so confession time, I took a look at my kitting up of one of my current WIPS this week after I caught hubby giggling to himself watching me stitching.  I couldnt work out what he thought was so funny till be pointed out that my stitching is just as organised and OCD as the rest of my life!!!!  I have to admit after stepping back and looking at it, that he is right, and it amuses me no end!!!  Ok so I am about to share with you the routine that is my stitching.

So here is the floss box for my kitted Ladybird fairy that I am doing.  I will share a pic with you then explain why it is set up the way it is :)

Ok so the DMC floss are organised numerically so they are easy to find in the box.  When I take a floss out to use it I turn the one before it on its side so I can find where I need to put the one I am using when I am finished (not too scary so far huh).  The highlighter and scissors sit below on the left (it's the only place they will fit).  I do stitch in an armchair though with my feet up so when I am stitching I put the highlighter between my leg and the chair leg since I use it all the time.  My scissors sit point down in the top right square of my box so that they are easy to grab as well.  In this picture I have put all my kreinik in one square since they all fit but if they didnt I would put them into more than one, numerically of course (is it getting scary yet???)  The beads go into their own square, I cut the top off them so they will fit in and I put my thread heaven into whatever square is not being used (what I hear you set square for the thread heaven!!!!!!).    My cut off threads go in the bottom square next to my scissors and highlighter and my rubbish goes into the bottom right keep them apart....SIGH.  So there we have it, an explanation of how I kit up.  Hehehe.  Oh, and I must mention my final little quirk, when I pack up my stitching for the day my chart, my floss box and my WIP all go into a zip lock bag (in that order) but the WIP gets folded nicely and put on the top so I can see it next time I pick it up and get excited/frustrated over how much/little I have done.

So, confession over, do any of you get all super organised about your stitching.  I think I do it because with having a 2 year old my stitching time is precious to me, so I dont want to waste valuable time that could be used on stitching trying to find my scissors or floss. 

Onto what I have managed to get done in the last week.  Ladybird fairy is looking good, she has a bodice now and the top half of her skirt is finished as well.  My plan this week and over the upcoming IHSW is to give her a face and some hair.  The V8 racing cars are on this weekend here in Hamilton so I am looking forward to settling down in front of TV with my stitching for the weekend watching the racing.  I would love to be there but will just have to settle with having to hear it from my house.  Anyway, I digress, here she is as of today

My plan this week is also to get the next part of my dream SAL done so I will post my progress on this and Ladybird after my IHSW.

Ok, that should have everyone filled in for now, I hope you are not too shocked by my stitching OCD.....please tell me I am not the only one!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Weustygirl

I don't think your storage system is scary at all. It's a great way to have what you need easily to hand and like you say, saves using precious stitching time looking for what you need.
I keep my threads sorted like that too.

Hope you have a great IHSW watching the racing and I'm looking forward to seeing Ladybird's face and hair!

McKenna C. said...

I think your storage system is a wonderful idea! My WIPs are all in separate tote bags, and I have a jar that I carry around the house with my ORT, scissors, and needles. :P I really need to rethink my system....
I love Ladybird! Her dress is so pretty!


Veronica said...

I love your system. Wish I'm as organized as you are. Since I only stitch in one spot (my room) my scissors, needle and threads for my current WiP are all scattered on my table and even so, I still manage to lose my needles.


Thoeria said...

Not a problem at all. I think all stitchers have a system that works for them :)

Cris and Crafts said...

You're not the only one. I'm also like that. The diference is that I dont have a box, I keep the threads in a packet.

Joysze said...

LOL!!!! Don't worry.... mine looks like that too. ;) Instead of a Ziploc, my container and chart goes into a paper bag.