Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yes people...I am alive!!!!

Hi everyone, yes I know it has been ages since I updated this, I am still around and have been quietly lurking in the background.  Truth be known May was a hard month and my blogging just kind of fell by the wayside.  But here I am, back up to speed, lighter, happier and ready to go!!!!  So let's catch up with what I have been up to.  Be prepared for a long, detailed post!!!!!!

Health wise I had a pretty scary month.  I have had a tiny sore on the inside of my nose for about 2 years now which has never healed (sounds gross I know but we are all friends here so let's share!!!).  I have never done anything about it as it was so tiny and never bothered me.  Anyway last month it grew, very fast and very serverly, to the point that it was tracking up my face.  I went to the doctors and he put me on an antibiotic and cream to try and heal it, but it continued to spread.  I went back and was given a second lot of cream and pills...still spreading.  Another visit to the doctor and a third lot of medication tried.  I was given 4 days with this medication and was told if there was no improvment that I would be admitted to hospital and a biopsy taken to analyse it.  Needless to say, the next 4 days were incredibly stressfull!!!  For the first 2 days nothing changed, day 3 I could breath through my nostril, day 4 I woke up and it was practically gone.  All that is left of it now a week later is a scar that I dont think is going to heal but hey, that's what makeup is for huh :) 

I also in the last month decided to take control of my health and weight and joined Weight Watchers.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I have a 2 year old son that I want to enjoy spending time with and running with and it is hard to do right now with the size I am.  So I bit the bullet and joined and I am LOVING it so much.  I am happy, full of energy, and have lost 3.8 kilos in the first 2 weeks.  Onward and downward, that's my moto now.  My husband actually told me the other day that he is really proud of me for how determined I am and how well I am doing, which is huge for him.  He has also lost half a kilo since I started too so my healthy dinners must be rubbing off on him.  He came home the other day with Mayonaise on his chin so I asked him where he had been....he confessed he had snuck off to Burger King for a feed.....hahahaha.  At least he had it there and didnt bring it home!!!

So anyway, onto stitching over the last month.  I havent done a lot, it has been so busy and stressfull but I am happy to say that the skirt on ladybird is finished. 

My aim is to get the legs and scarf finished over the weekend, will see how we go.  It depends if my 2 boys play the game and give me some quiet mummy time :)

I hope everyones stitching is going well.  I have been checking your blogs off and on but have not had a chance to really catch up on them for ages, so that is my mission this afternoon while the little man has a sleep. 

Happy stitching :)


Jan said...

What a stressful month you have had. I hope you have a great June. Your stitching is so devine.

Terri said...

I'm glad your sore spot is healing! That's scary! And congrats on the weight loss!

Ladybird is gorgeous! Can't wait to see her finished!

Anonymous said...


Sounds like your month was terrible!

Glad to hear that your sore spot is getting better and congrats on your weight loss (and hubby's too)!

Your Ladybird is just beautiful and I'm enjoying watching her grow.

Hope you have a good weekend and find some stitchy time.

Jagna said...

so lovely :)

Veronica said...

Whew! So glad that the sore healed after such a scare. Good luck with your weight loss. You're doing great :)

Ladybird is so beautiful! Tons of progress. She's nearly done!


Thoeria said...

Can only imagine how scary that must have been! Yikes!
Congrats on grabbing your weight by the love handles :) I've been struggling with mine too and your progress is just great! Keep it up!
Ladybird is looking lovely :)

Rowyn said...

That's a bit scarey that a little sore can change so rapidly. Good news that it's healed up now.

Good luck with WW. I lost weight with WW and have kept it off for two years. I didn't find it easy and often only lost a few hundred grams at a time (I used to go home from meetings crying a lot!!), but I kept at it and that was the key for me. I hope you'll keep us updated on how you're doing.