Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The boys.......

So this week I decided to work on magnificent 7 that I am doing for my dad, or as I call them, the Boys. One and a half boys down, 5 and a half to go. I decided on this design to backstitch each dog as I go and am really happy with the results. I usually leave all my backstitching to the end then get really frustrated cause I dont enjoy backstitching so it seems like a crazy way to finish a project, by doing what I love the least. I love how the one I did this week just pops with the backstitch.
So I had a close look at the HAED pattern that I put in my last post and would you believe that the entire background of it is done in Kreinik, a whole 19 skeins of it....what the heck!!!!! Next to backstitching is my frustration when working with Kreinik. I have to decide now if I am going to continue with using the Kreinik on the design when I start doing it or change the thread type. Decisions, decisions.
I dont think I am going to get much stitching done this week as it is pretty full on but I will try and pick up the boys to finish the other half of the dog I have already done. Enjoy your week of stitching everyone and I love catching up with all your work


Jane said...

If it is the blending filament you don't like using, there is a trick. To wind the bf onto the spool, Kreinik runs a white thread with it. Just separate the white thread from the bf. Now it's easy least to work with! Good luck!

Jane said...

Easy peasy is what I meant to say.