Thursday, February 9, 2012

I finally found it

So I have been looking for the Ultimate Joan Elliott Collection bookazine for the last few months but everywhere has been out of stock. I did find a few copies on ebay but I didnt want to pay the huge prices it was getting to on there. Well, today I found it on an australian craft website so I emailed them to find out if they still had copies of it and how much including postage. The is finally on its way to me!!!! Yay, I am so excited and looking forward to getting it. For those who are looking for it I think they still have a couple of copies left. The site is
I also found an absolute bargain online today for DMC thread. Here in NZ the threads usually are anywhere from $1.30-$1.70 a colour in the shop. I found a person selling DMC threads online today and got 30 of them for $18. I was so happy, 60c a skein!!! And even better, she winds them onto plastic thread bobbins and labels them as well free of charge, I dont even have to pay for the bobbins. So happy, did my little happy dance for the rest of the day. Cant wait for my packages to come in the mail in the next few days.
As expected, I havent got any stitching done so far this week but I did manage to get an hour of sorting and organising done of my stash this morning. It's a good feeling to go through everything and see it all out on the floor, feels like christmas morning!
Have a lovely stitchy week...or what is left of it everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Im so Pleased you found it! Its an Awsome Magazine, esp if you love Joan Elliotts Designs! And I know you do! Also I had a thought about your HAED, you could always work it on a hand dyed fabric, that whay you could leave out the background! Also it should be pretty easy to see the main design through all the background! Just a thought! Hope you had a great week! I finished something tonight, which I will post about tomorrow! Have a great weekend!