Monday, February 20, 2012

Storms, sand and stitching

So once a year hubby takes a week off work and we head away to the family beach house an hour and a half from here in Whangamata for some quiet family time. We usually head off at the end of January, beginning of February once school goes back and it is a little quieter there. The weather is still lovely at that time and we spend the time relaxing at the beach, doing bush walks and taking day trips. This last week was that time of the year again and I absolutely LOVED it. The weather was touch and go as you can see from the picture below. We went over last sunday and got there late sunday night. Monday it rained, tuesday it was fine, wednesday it rained, thursday it was sunny, friday was the worst thunder and lightning storm the locals can remember in a long time, and saturday and sunday were glorious. Today it rained!!!! We heard a rumour in town on friday while avoiding the thunder and lightning that the golf course was flooded so decided to check it out for ourselves.......and here it is!!!

The only action on the green that day were the ducks. 2 days later we stopped by again and what do you know....
It was so sad to be packing up today and heading home, the week went so quickly. I would love to have had another week there. We do get over there for weekends often but sadly our yearly holiday is done and dusted :(. My one thing that cheered me up when I got home was my stash that was waiting for me when I walked in the door.
I am completely and utterly in love with the Joan Elliott Bookazine....I had to hold it away from me while reading it to avoid the dribble. So I want to stitch at least half of the designs in there, sigh, the wish list has grown in leaps and bounds. My other treat that arrived in the post while I was away was the Zumba programme I ordered......and after the week I had at the beach of full on junk eating Zumba will have to become my new best friend!!!!!
So while away I managed to get quite a bit of stitching done, very happy with that. I would settle down and do a couple of hours during the day while Jacob had his sleep and hubby went to the beach then do another couple of hours in the evening. The result.....the boys are half finished. Three and a half boys stitched and backstitched, three and a half to go!!!! I am so happy with how they are looking. I think dad is really going to love the design.

I hope everyone has had a lovely stitchy week, I am off to watch the rest of Desperate Housewives while dribbling some more over my new excited am I!!!!!!

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